PLS3 Compact

Atomic4Dj Led Bar PLS3 Compact


PLS, integrated system of intelligent LED projectors. PLS is composed of an electrified bar, 4 LED Slim projectors, Foot-Controller PEDALBOARD and a strong rigid travel case.

By the use of PEDALBOARD it is possible to control PLS in a very simple way: set up PLS on a stathic color, activate automatic color changing sequences, activate the internal microphone of the system, switch off and light on all the beacons simultaneously.

More Exigent users have the possibility to connect PLS to a DMX external control and synchronized PLS to the Lights already installed.
Several PLS systems can be connected and synced together very easily.
The System is Ready to use within 60 seconds, it is Light, ecologic and economic thanks to its very low power consumption LED projectors.

Ideal for Dj, Piano Bar, Club, Live.

The new PLS3 is the integrated system of intelligent LED projectors, with transportation bag and Stative included. Easy to carry and truly versatile in every situations. Thanks to the new case the weight is reduced to the minimum.

– 4 projectrs Par 56 LED DMX installed on electrified bar

– Each LED projector is equipped with 108 LED RGB of 10 mm
– 4 operating modes: DMX, Auto, Sound control, master Slave.

– LED Display with 4 buttons Black-out, dimmer, strobe, independent color control ( red, green, blue and white).

– Controls via PedalBoard: Black-out, stathic color, color changin, internal programs.

– Sound control via integrated microphone, DMX control via standard DMX controller

– All the advantages of Led technology: low power consumption, minimum emissions, no maintenance.

– Rigid case for transportation included

– PedalBoard, Foot-controller included.

– Stative with soft case included.

• Compact and Lighter Version of the classical Atomic4Dj PLS3 System.

• High Power LED beacon

• Lenght of the bar of only 68 Cm, weight reduced of a 50%.

• PLS3 Compact, ideal for musicians and Dj.


LED: 10 mm RGB

Number of LEDs: 432
Power Consumption : 50 W

Dimensions: 982 x 310 x 53 mm
Control: Auto, Sound control, Pedal, DMX51

Weight: 7 Kg
System composed as a set of: Bar with 4 projectors, Rigid Case, Foot-Controller, Stative.

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