Moving Head Lotus 12

Moving Head Lotus12 Beam Led QCL


Equipped with 12 Led CREE with technology QCL 4 led in 1 RGBW

Infinite color mixture possibilities

Wash Beam function with 10 ° lenses

Operating mode, Auto-Run and Sound-Control with Master-Slave function

DMX 512 control with possibility of setting at 13 channels or 29 DMX channels

13 DMX channels required:

Ch1 Dimmer

Ch2 Shutter Strobe

Ch3 Pan Movement

Ch4 Tilt Movement
Ch5 All Red Led Dimmer

Ch6 All Green Led Dimmer

Ch7 All Blue Led Dimmer

Ch8 All White Led Dimmer

Ch9 Presets Programs

Ch10 Internal programs Speed

Ch11 Pan-Tilt movements Speed

Ch12 Pan Fine 16bit

Ch13 Tilt Fine 16bit

The 29 DMX channels allows to divide the 12 led in 4 groups of 3 and to control them independently with no variation on the functions from 1° to 13° channel.

LCD Display to set DMX channel and settings of every function.
Installation clamp for Truss mounting (American) Included.

Security Steel Cable included.
Power supply VDE Cable included.

Fuses to protect against overcharges and short-circuits


Power Supply: 90-220V / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 120W

Light source: 12 Led Cree of 10W RGBW QCL

DMX 512: 13 or 29 DMX Channels required

Control Connections: 3pin XLR Cannon In/Out

Power Supply connection: Male VDE connector
PAN Movement: 540°

TILT Movement: 270°
Beam Lenses Angle: 10°

Protection Grade: IP20

Dimensions: 16x25x31cm

Weight: 5Kg

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