Stative LIFT400

Atomic4dj Telescopic Elevator Lift400


Atomic4Dj presents the new Professional telescopic elevator Lift400.

Designed and manufactured 100% in Italy it ensure excellent performances and high standard of security.


• Bearings Trolley to support the extension

• 6 steel strings cable with anti-turn high resistance metallic core

• Automatic Block System

• Wheels Ø100 mm

• Feet with terminal stabilizer mad of anti-slip rubber

• Black Epossidic powders painting


Max. Height of the Tower: 520 cm

Tower Height: 170 cm

Max. Load : 150 kg

Insert Diameter. 35 mm

Open Base: 189 x 189 cm

Applications: Elevating Lights/Audio system

Elevating: Manual Winch

Weight: 42 kg

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